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Donate Sewing Scraps to Schools

一, 2011/01/31 - 22:21
There are lots of ways to green your sewing by using every last scrap of fabric. You could make a necklace, an apron, a pincushion, and a lot more, but if you've made all the pincushions you and everyone you know will ever need, why not pass your scraps on to a school? Kids are back in school, and that means teachers will be looking for cheap or free materials for students to explore art and design. Cereal boxes and paper towel tubes are always a hit, but scraps of fabric as small as tiny squares and triangles... Read the full story on Planet Green

Make Abstract Art with Crayon Nubs

六, 2011/01/22 - 23:30
Young kids love to color, which means crayons are pretty much a staple in homes with kids up to age six or seven. Most parents of young kids are no stranger to little, worn-down nubs of crayon that clutter the bottom of crayon bins, cast aside by little hands that color easier with larger crayons. But there are ways to use those crayon bits: you can melt them down to make multi-colored crayon discs, or you can use them to create abstract art. What You Need: Crayon nubs Wax paper Picture frame Iron and Ironing Board Dish towel Directions: Using an old pair of scissors or an old butter knife, shave the cray... Read the full story on Planet Green